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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The garage sale

I made almost $80 at a garage sale today! Yes, it is pathetic to be excited about almost $80. But I feel sooo satisfied.

The sale was at a friend's home. I packed up the car and my little son at 7:30 a.m. I was a little scared about selling my stuff and occupying my toddler at the same time. This whole business could have been a disaster, but somehow it all worked out. My friend and her husband were wonderfully helpful. There were doggies there too, so Ethan was delighted.

When Ethan sees dogs he says, Dah! Dah! Such a clever and efficient boy, he also says Dah for Dad, Duck, Down, and That. It works for Mom and Bird too.

As Ethan amused himself with dogs nearby, airplanes high above, and every sort of cast-off crap all around us, I sold my wanna-be-a-cowgirl hat. I sold my clunky jewelry. I sold the pictures that used to hang on the walls of my office when I used to have an office. I sold books. Truman Capote's In Cold Blood was one of them. Good friggin' book. Glad someone else will be reading it.

Afterwards I went down to the bank to deposit my garage-sale income. One of the hardest adjustments I have had to make as a SAHM is the loss of that bi-weekly paycheck. God I miss making my own money. I know, I know, I know, my services at home are valuable to the household. But no one is paying me for my services. I like to be paid for my work, go figure.

Ethan accompanied me to the bank on his little ride-on roadster, a gift from grandma and grandpa. The stearing wheel makes sounds when Ethan pushes the buttons on it. It goes beep-beep! as well as Vvvvrrrrrrooommmmm and RRrrrrcccchhh!! The sounds of an accelerating car breaking loose around a corner. Right. Gotta be sure to expose him to reckless driving skills while he's still young or he may never develop them later.

Ethan pointed to the ATM as we neared it. He also pointed to two terriers, one yellow and one black, tethered to a pole outside the post office. I stopped so he could oogle the doggies. When the black dog's person emerged from the post office, he and his dog put on a little show for Ethan. The dog pirouetted on its hind legs, weaved through its person's legs, spoke, played dead, and jumped high. Ethan was ecstatic. His little body shook with excitement and he screamed with glee.

After the dog show we made the heady $80 deposit and continued to the playground. Ethan pointed to the big kid swings. I obliged. I sat in one and let Ethan stand in my lap, holding onto the chains facing me. I wrapped one arm behind his legs, grabbed the chain with my free hand and pushed off. The sun shone on Ethan's smiling face. Wind ruffled his peachy hair. A dog walked by. Dah! He exclaimed and pointed, falling into me as he let go of the chain. I breathed in the sweet smell of his darling head.

Almost $80. Dancing dogs. Shining sun. Darling Ethan. I think this is one of the best days of my life.

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  1. I feel you on the $80 accomplishment SugarMama. I sold some of my wedding related items on Craigslist, and though I only received $40 for probably $300 worth of stuff, I felt pretty proud of myself!