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I am Ethan and Chase's Mama and my man's Sugar. I have flown a plane, driven a race car, and been pushed out of a train. I have swum with dolphins, climbed the Untersberg, and thrown tortillas in more than one location. I have great arms and a law degree. I hate housework. I can't iron. I love my dustbuster because I occasionally allow my kids to eat off of the floors. I wish I were taller and for my boys to grow up in a peaceful world.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A poem about Saturdays

My son will wake me early
wanting his milk and cuddle.

I’ll hold him then we’ll stroll
down to the market
in the spare lot.

He’ll chomp on pluots, tomatoes,
and apricots, his favorite.
Using his 7 little teeth.
Juice running down his chin.

We’ll buy fresh eggs, lemon basil,
red and white carrots. Strawberries.
Maybe some chard.

I will eat a scone.
Sweet, crumbling, filling me.
Give my son a taste
as he toddles through the stalls.

Walking home. Uphill.
He sleeps. I sweat.
Hoping this activity
balances my proclivity
for eating pastries.

Swim lessons are next.
Daddy with the baby.
Me in the big pool
back and forth
back and forth
breathing left
then it is time to help Daddy
with the wet baby in the swim diaper.

Back home I can rest.
Or prep vegetables.
And dream of someday having
a Kitchen Aid
to keep alongside
my Dustbuster.


  1. Thanks. I entered a contest to get a Kitchen Aid standing mixer. I didn't win! Next time.